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Where to Find Chaga

Wondering where to find Chaga mushrooms?  Some people go hiking in search of the Inonotus Obliquus, also known Chaga. Is that what you want to do or would you prefer to buy Chaga.

This fungus is increasingly being discussed on health and wellness sites and discussion forums due to the high Chaga ORAC (antioxidant) value and due to the research that has been done in numerous areas of health and wellness. It’s definitely worth investigating!

If you’re looking for an adaptogen, Chaga is an excellent choice.  You’ll find on sites like Wikipedia that it has many other nicknames, too, such as: Polyporus obliquus, sterile conk trunk rot of birch, Schiefer Schillerporling, berkenweerschijnzwam, Poria oblique, and others.

Chaga is a parasite that grows on birch trees. It’s a good idea to look in depth into this before going wild Chaga picking, of course, so you can be sure you know what you are looking for. A parasite is often a negative term that’s used but in the case of Inonotus Obliquus, while it’s parasitic to birch trees, this certainly isn’t the case when it’s consumed by people.  Chaga mushroom use for therapeutic purposes has been documented for generations as something that can be particularly helpful for a number of reasons.

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Some forests have abundant amounts of Chaga mushrooms.  But it’s not always easy to find. And, according to many researchers who have investigated using this fungus for a number of medicinal and therapeutic purposes, it’s not all equal. Certain environmental factors could come into play in the grade of one piece of Chaga over another.  Once you find it, it’s not something that can be readily consumed.  It could be grated into a powder, brewed into tea, or processes can be necessary for obtaining Chaga extract powder.

If you’re not interested in going wild Chaga picking or spending a lot of time preparing it so you can benefit from it, you may want to know where to find Chaga that is ready for you to use. It’s not always easy to find in local health stores but you can buy it online, too.

Here at Sayan Health, we responsibly source Chaga from the Sayan Mountains in Siberia. The cold climate and pristine conditions nurture what we believe is the ideal Chaga mushroom extract. We sell powder, caffeine free Chaga tea, Chaga cream, Chaga oil, and more. Visit our online store to find out about buying Chaga or check out some of the different ways of using Chaga on our blog.

Best of luck with your quest for health and wellness!

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  1. Will Stern says:

    I’ve heard that
    Chaga grows on other trees other than Birch can you tell me?
    Because I live in S.W. Oregon and can’t find any Birch trees here.

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