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Immune Power

With chaga Extract

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Recharge With

Chaga Tea

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Infuse Your Body with the Power of Chaga Mushroom

Experience Life- changing Immune Strength and Peak Wellness from the Birch Forests of Siberia

Straight from the Siberian wilderness, chaga mushroom helps you energize naturally, manage stress and keep your immune system strong. Sayan Health transforms this health-sustaining “Gift from God” - as it’s known locally - into powerful, easy-to-use nutritional products.

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8 Reasons To Chose Chaga

From Sayan Health

  • You get the best chaga mushroom in the world. We source our chaga only from Siberia. Chaga harvested from Siberia’s ancient birch forests have the highest concentration of active ingredients worldwide.
  • Sayan Chaga is harvested during its peak seasons. We only harvest chaga in the spring and the fall. In spring, the chaga is saturated with birch nutrients thanks to the sap flow. And in the fall, chaga increases its nutrient concentration in preparation for harsh winter days.
  • You get chaga’s full nutritional power – including its high concentration of polyphenols, polysaccharides and beta-glucans. We carefully preserve chaga’s nutrition, natural flavor and aroma by first using low-pressure hot water extraction and then freeze-drying the extract.
  • You’ll find only pure, potent and powerful chaga products here. No fillers. No added chemicals. No GMO. No woody mushroom substitutes. Only 100% wild chaga mushroom.
  • Your senses will be delighted. From exclusive, great-tasting tea blends to luxurious soaps and skin cream, our products treat the body and the soul.
  • Our chaga is free of contamination from environmental pollutants. All of Sayan Health’s chaga is harvested in pristine conditions, at least 200-300 kilometers away from any major settlement.
  • You get formulas based on science, steeped in traditional wisdom and experience. No fairy tales or false claims.
  • Exceptional customer service and fast shipping makes shopping with Sayan Health quick and easy.

Chaga’s Superior
Antioxidant Power

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Chaga’s Adaptogenic

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Chaga Health

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